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    BECCOS is a Korean designer brand with growing global presence

    BECCOS is quite favourite amongst patrons of different ages, especially youngsters, who prefer the brand for its variety, pricing and design

    BECCOS has a team of influential designers from Korea, backed by state of the art manufacturing facilities

    BECCOS offers different franchise formats with impressive returns on investment

    BECCOS has an extensive product portfolio with attractive margins of 36%

    BECCOS offers exclusive training, supplies, and operational support to its franchise partners

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    Assistance in the selection of an ideal location for the store. The brand also aids in the layout, design and architecture of the store along with purchasing of equipment, furniture and other fit-outs.


    Regular coverage at national and regional levels, besides helping in centralized brand building through print, outdoor, web, retail and electronic media.


    Provides comprehensive training on service operations, standard procedures, accounting, inventory control etc. for engaging and empowered staff.


    Equips stores with an Operation Manual to maintain uniformity and regularity in operation of the store as per franchisor guidelines.


    Appoints dedicated personnel to bridge the communication between the franchisee and the franchisor for the smooth operation and growth of the store.


    Plays a major role in stock supply, replenishment ordering and product range maintenance, along with the introduction of new products to keep the local customers engaged with the store.


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    Open a Beccos Franchise | Profitable Retail Franchise Stores in India

    Beccos India is a rapidly growing independent designer brand from South Korea. With an origin story that took place in the hustle and bustle of the streets of Seoul, its first Indian store was opened on October 2018 at Kamla Nagar, New Delhi. Soon, it established itself across several cities in India with innovative and user-oriented Korean products. Inspired by the Korean wave, also known as Hallyu, Beccos offers its customers luxurious lifestyle products at affordable prices. Recently, Beccos has established itself as one of the most profitable franchise companies in India. So, if you are looking for a franchise, then Beccos is the answer.

    With the rapidly growing popularity of the brand, Beccos offers the best franchise in India. Being one of the most profitable retail stores in India, it has comprehensively opened retail franchise stores in various cities like New Delhi, Nagpur, Mohali etc. Adding to that are over 50 Beccos franchises under development that will launch by the end of 2019.

    As a brand and one of the best franchise companies for Korean products, it is our belief that there is potential for growth is not just metro cities, but also tier-2 and tier-3 cities around India. Therefore, we are offering one of the most profitable retail business in india

    Why Choose a Beccos Franchise?

    When looking for a franchise opportunity, you often search for options that give you the most beneficial partnership. The number one lookout is whether the product being offered is in demand or not. With Beccos, you can easily get the best franchise in India.

    Beccos offers not just a franchise for sale, but also inclusive brand support. As abrand, it invests in the growth of its retail franchise through support tactics like set-up, staff training, operational guidelines, PR support etc.

    Thanks to the rising trends of the market, the products offered by Beccos are not just in vogue but also constantly evolve as per the market needs. The brand stands by both quality and diversity and makes sure to introduce new eye-catching products every week to keep up with the fast-paced trends of the world.

    If you choose Beccos to open profitable retail franchise stores in India then you are sure to receive only the best quality products. After thorough user-oriented and localised research, the designers incorporate characteristics of traditional designs with modern elements. From the selection of high-quality raw material to the building of prototypes and delivery for use followed by user feedback, the brand strictly monitors and controls the production process.

    One Brand, Many Opportunities | Best Franchise in India

    Having witnessed substantial response towards our brand in India, Beccos has decided to expand its retail franchises further across the country. Beccos is heading with a massive plan to open its stores across India through the franchising routes in different formats. This also means that you can get the best franchise in India. For this, the brand is looking for ambitious aspirants who would like to connect with a growing international brand like Beccos in India.

    As one of the best franchise companies and a Korean designer brand with a growing presence, we bring only the most exquisite and affordable products to the customers. Our franchise for sale will hold the highest quality of products which undergo a strictly controlled design and production process. This ensures that the customers that visit the Beccos franchise purchase only the best.

    Beccos has also become a brand that is loved by the millennial consumer. Millennials praise innovative products that are quirky and aesthetic, and make their lives easier. If you buy a franchise from Beccos, you will experience an influx of the millennial buyer towards your business which will help it grow and become profitable rapidly.

    Not only are the products affordable but so is the retail franchise. Beccos franchises come at low investment plans and attractive margins of 38% as compared to other brands in the industry. So, if you’re looking for profitable retail franchise stores in India, Beccos is the place to find the best franchise in India.

    When looking for a franchise, it is all about rewarding franchise formats. Beccos offers various franchise formats with the first model revolving around a carpet area of minimum 700 Sq Ft, including investment starting from 45 lakhs only.

    Plus, choosing a retail franchise from Beccos means that the brand will ensure your store gets its full support. With all the right ingredients, we believe a Beccos franchise in your city will be warmly embraced by the savvy Indian consumers.

    If you wish to open up your very own BECCOS franchise, then contact us at