To set the Korean trend, BECCOS comes to the metropolitan city of HYDERABAD

beccos store in hyderabad telangana

Halt Hyderabad! What’s up!

Still trying to keep up with those boring wearables?

Not anymore! Let’s make this boring weather a little thrilling for you all.

To spread the new Korean vibe, BECCOS is coming to the lands of the old city of Nizam. Are you ready for some designer and mind-blowing product experience from Korea?

The wait is over!

BECCOS, fabricated with love and care, Just for you!

Pull the chains and stop your train at the Korean Designer station.

Bye Bye Boring!

beccos hair dryer

Be the Trendsetter, and visit us at Unit no. 6, lower platform level, Ameerpet metro station, Hyderabad, Telangana – 500016.

This season wrap yourself in the dynamic! , cool! and bombing! merchandises by BECCOS to leave all the trends far behind, and lead with the stylish, handy and valuable lifestyle goods which help you with enhancing your life.

What’s there that you think is missing in your wardrobe or home?

#Sassy bags?    #Personal care products?  

#Gifts for your loved ones?    #Health and fitness care?

#Journals and stationery?    #Digital products? 

#Kitchen utilities?    #Toys for your kids?     #Beauty products?

beccos hyderabad store

Everything you need will be fulfilled in a flap of a wing by BECCOS.

Not really far away from you, we are entrenching our new lavish Korean Designer utility store, BECCOS.

Think of it and we’ll have a solution for your need. Wear products which everybody stares at and longs for having it,

and now you might be thinking that how are we so sure about everyone’s choice and Yes, you are thinking correctly fine.

We’ll tell you how,

Stick hard and keep reading…..

Heavy price tags? A big ‘NO’

beccos products for kids

You won’t believe what we have to offer you. Would you?

In the elite city of Hyderabad, we are ready to introduce the market’s cheapest price tags ever to be noticed,

Majority of the home and health utility products within a range of Rs25 to Rs500 only, with some heavy and exciting discounts at the times of occasion, festivals and events.

Stand-alone designs and patterns, drawn with a zing of charisma and allurement will beautify your graph of healthy lifestyle and luxury.

A handful of shopping bags? Oh no!

An arm full of shopping bags!

With prices so low and products so stylish, nobody can stop buying cause we don’t have anything to dislike.

Unique colours, styles and Designs!

beccos soft toys for boy baby and girls

We understand that in a world like this it’s not at all easy to trust anyone just based on what they say,

But it’s not just what we say, we say that first visit us, believe in us, give some self-time and then see for yourself.

We are an emerging brand which had started manufacturing only after researching well and sufficiently on the needs of the people and how they picture quality living in the form of goods and valuables.

Every article in our store is attractive and a bang on!

Just like the sweet amalgamation of Hindi, Urdu and Telugu in your city of Pearls, we have also mingled our value for money, product availability and product durability, designed efficiently and effectively just to make our customers feel valued.

Run to your nearest store now!!

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