Be on cloud nine with Beccos Top 5 picks of the week

Hey shoppers!! The Korean designer flagship has already slayed its path into the Indian market. With an intention of making the entire country fashionable the Korean designer brand has already paved its foundation in top cities like Delhi, Nagpur and Beccos Mohali. With an unconventional approach the revolutionary designers at Beccos are solely focused in crafting innovative products that are absolute trend setters. To enhance your shopping experience we present to you the top 5 picks of the week. Make sure to grab them from your nearest Beccos store today-

Pen with Stylus & Phone Holder

Searching for that pen that serves multiple purposes?

Well, we have got you covered with our Beccos pen. With a metallic finish design, the Beccos pen serves multiple purposes. The pen can be used as a smartphone stand as well as a stylus for your smart screens. With a premium ink quality and a supreme exterior metallic design, the pens are pure sophistication. Make sure to grab them from your nearest Beccos store today.

Beccos store craft products

Beauty Sponge

Designed with subtle delicacy these beauty blenders are crafted with latex free foam that is extremely soft on skin making them the perfect pick for your makeup kit. The open cell structure makes the sponge even more softer when coming in contact with water. Make sure you elevate your makeup sessions by grabbing these beauty blenders from your nearest Beccos exclusive store today.

Beccos store Lunch Box

Lunch Box

Craving to carry your delicious dishes with you on the go?

Well, we present to you Beccos lunch Boxes, that are made up of premium eco-friendly plastic that will not only keep your food warm but will also maintain the freshness and restrict contamination. Available in vibrant colours, make sure to grab them from your nearest Beccos exclusive store today.

Toothbrush box

With the aim of providing its users a streamlined lifestyle, the Korean designer brand brings to you the Toothbrush box. Designed with supreme quality eco-friendly plastic the toothbrush box is highly durable and prevents contamination of your toothbrush. Available in multiple colours, make sure to grab them from your nearest Beccos store today.

Stuffed Monkey

With immense love from South Korea, the designer brand brings to you stuffed monkey that will surely make your kid fall in love with it. Stuffed with high quality cotton the cute monkey character will make your kids snuggle and cuddle with it. Available in a variety of colours, grab one for your kid today.