Grab The Best of BECCOS Products at Just Rs 1!

Oh yes! The time is here to present to you the biggest ever BECCOS Sale. Yes, you read that right. The BECCOS sale is here and this time, it’s bigger than ever. Our surprise for you this time is that, we are offering you the best of BECCOS products at flat Rs. 1! Now this is the best opportunity for you to get your hands on the most cutest and quirky products. Available exclusively in the BECCOS Stores, this is a never to miss offer for any shopper.

Here is what you have to do to get your favourite product at Rs. 1

Shop for Rs. 299 and get these products at Rs. 1!

Here is an offer to start off your shopping. Get into BECCOS and shop for Rs. 299 and you have the chance to grab a product at just Rs. 1! A5 Notebook, Tooth Mug, Tooth Brush Holder, Ball-Point Pen, Kerchief, Cell Phone Bracket, Coin Wallet, Coin Purse, Socks, Thread-Needle Set, Makeup Brush, Hair Band, Mask, Massager, Frying Pan, Pen Bag, Airer, Nail File, Phone Holder, Pencil Box, Cotton Swab and Eyebrow Scissor are some of the products you could buy for Rs. 1. Every day we bring to you one of these products for Rs. 1, so be sure to be updated about the product you are waiting the most to get your hands on.

luncbox-beccos india

Shop for Rs. 499 and get these products at Rs. 1!

Products at Rs. 1 is just an offer that can’t be missed out. So, if you shop for Rs. 499, you stand with the opportunity to get these products at just Rs. 1! The products include Glasses Bag, Bath Towel, Hair Brush, Triangle Bib Scarf, Nail Strip, Glass Bottle, Tablet/PC Support, Spoon+ Fork Set, Storage Box, Makeup Brush, Nail Clippers Set, Bead Chain, Milk Powder Container, Trash Can, Seasoning Box, Belt, Massager, Toothbrush, Heat Insulation Glove+ Mat and Hand Towels. Every day one of these products will be available for Rs. 1, so do not forget to get the best out of this opportunity.

sanitary tray beccos india

Shop for Rs. 799 and get these products at Rs. 1!

Earphones, Data Cable, Wallet, Clock, U-Pillow, Lunch Box, Belt, Slipper, Nail Manicure Set, Cosmetic Bag, Plush Toy, Cap, Backpack, Hot-Water Bag, Notebook, Earrings, Glass Cup and Makeup Brush Set etc. are the products you could buy for just Rs. 1, if you shop for Rs. 799! You could buy one of these products as every day one of these products would be available at Rs. 1. So, go and get your shopping bags ready because you wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity.

alarm clock beccos india

Shop For Rs. 999 and Get These Products at Rs. 1!

With a shopping for Rs. 999, you get the chance to grab one of the products at just Rs. 1! The products you could buy are Earphones, Nursing Bottle, Data Cable, Insulation Cap, Clock, Blanket, Wallet, U-Pillow, Vacuum Bottle, Cosmetic Bag, Place Mat, Cap, Hand Washing Liquid Bottle, Massage Comb, Ladies Bag, Necklace, Glass Decoration Showpiece and Photo Frame. Do not forget to make the most of the offer.

water bottle-beccos india

Shop For Rs. 1499 and Get These Products at Rs. 1!

A product at just Rs. 1! Yes, that’s right. All you have to do is shop for Rs. 1499. There are a number of products you could choose from such as Ladies Bag, Backpack, Baby Shawl, Lunch Box, Frying Pan, Bath Towel, Sling Bag, Baby Blanket, Cosmetic Storage Box, Wallet, Hand Washing Liquid Bottle, Vase, U-Pillow, Kids Dinnerware Set, Vacuum Cup, Hair Straightener, Hair Curler, Necklace, Washbag, Photo Frame and Plush Toy. This is surely a never to miss offer.

plush toy beccos india

So, head over to your nearest BECCOS Store and make this month a shopping festive for you.